Former Arsenal player, Paul Merson has urged the club to offer Current Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte the Arsenal job should he become available.

There have been unending talks that the Italian could leave the club just months after guiding Chelsea to the league title. Recent results have not helped matter too as they have lost their lost two games in succession to lower sides.

Despite all that, Merson believes Conte would suit Arsenal well.

“The day Conte leaves Chelsea, if I was Arsenal, I’d be straight on the phone,” Merson said on Skysports’ The Debate.

“Managers like Conte don’t come along too often. Arsenal need someone that is going to go in there and upset people. Conte upsets people. He wants you to play a certain way and he’ll make you rock solid at the back. As soon as Arsenal get rock solid at the back, they’ll be a force.

“I think Arsenal would say: ‘we’d have you next season’. I think they’d be mad if they didn’t.

“I think it ticks all the boxes. Arsenal can’t keep missing all these managers. You can’t tell me Pep Guardiola wouldn’t want to have managed Arsenal? If he had that opportunity, he’d have gone to Arsenal in my opinion.

“Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, they all went to Arsenal’s rivals because Wenger was sat there in the manager’s seat instead of saying the time was right to leave.

“There are other top managers like Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus, but he might come in and it would take him a year to get used to the Premier League – like it did with Klopp.”

The only stumbling block to Merson’s wish is that Arsene Wenger still has a year to run on his contract. And if he doesn’t want to end his stay at the club in the summer, Merson’s wish would only be what it is – a mere wish.


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