Arsene Wenger has defended Chilean star, Alexis Sanchez against criticisms his dip in form is costing Arsenal.

Sanchez has scored just four times in the Premier League this season, with his last coming in the 5 -0 win over Huddersfield. He could have had more against Manchester United but for some profligacy and David De Gea masterclass.

Sanchez was also accused of being careless with possession after stats revealed he lost possession over 60 times in the games against Manchester United and Southampton.

Asked if Sanchez’s run is causing the team in front of goal, Wenger denied.

“In a situation like that you do not want to focus on one player, you focus more on the collective attitude of the team and keep them focused on the quality of our game,” the Frenchman told a news conference.

“We create chances. The goals will come. It’s difficult to say he’s had a dip. He tried. It was difficult because they defended very well as well.”

Wenger also believes the number of unconverted chances against Manchester United might have played a part in his team’s recent drought.

“The 33 shots on goal and the chances we missed against Manchester United maybe had a little bit of an impact,” he said.

“We have to continue to focus on the quality of our game and not to focus too much on the fact that we are not ruthless at the moment.

“That will come back by not making too big a problem of it.”


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