Arsene Wenger could have joined Manchester United in the 2001/02 season and things maybe could have been different for him.

According to the former Manchester United manager, Martin Edwards, the club approached Arsene Wenger about taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson who was set to retire then. Edwards claimed in his new book – ‘Red Glory: Manchester United and Me’ that Wenger even wanted a meeting with him and then CEO – Peter Kenyon.

“Our first choice was Arsene,” Edwards said

“We thought he was the best candidate to replace Alex. Certainly he was my number one choice.

“So we made our approach and Wenger did show a little bit of interest, enough to want to meet (chief executive) Peter Kenyon and me at his house in London to listen to what we had to say.”

Wenger however rejected that assertion, and even though he didn’t give enough information, he claimed joining Manchester United was never an option for him.

“I am always very confidential,” he said.

“Maybe one day I will get all the contacts I had during my stay at Arsenal and it will make a few chapters, but you should ask Martin Edwards

“No [I was never tempted by Manchester United] because I was always happy here. More than people were happy with me, I was always happy here.”

When asked why he turned down the opportunity, Wenger pointed to the progress made under him at Arsenal since he had taken charge in 1996.

“Because I love the values of this club,” he explained.

“For me, a club is about values first and as well because I know what has changed. One day it would be a good chat to have with the press to look at the evolution.

“A lot has changed, but when I came here this club was about values that I love in sport and that’s why I’m still in the competition.

“So I will always question myself. Yes, of course Man Utd is attractive, but am I happy here? The answer is yes.”


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