Arsenal full back, Hector Bellerin believes the club can still win the league after their horrible start to the season.

Arsenal have lost two of their four games so far this season and have been ruled out by most in the title race. The young Spaniard however is refusing to give up on his team’s chances, highlighting Chelsea’s success last season as an example.

‘Look at how Chelsea began last season and how they ended up winning the title,’ he told IBTimes UK.

‘It doesn’t only matter how you start but to be consistent. Check the Chelsea results at the beginning of last season. They had a difficult time too, they lost two games and won several games in the last minutes.

‘Then, they won 13 consecutive games and eventually won the Premier League. Manchester City, however, started very well and then faded out.

‘The important thing is to be consistent throughout the season. We have had two bad games but we now have six points and we have to look forward.’

‘If we did not think that we could win the title, what we would we be doing here? It would not make any sense,’ Bellerin added.

‘We train every day very hard to be able to win the Premier League. It has only been two bad games.

‘It has been a difficult period for the Arsenal family. Players knew that we had to give our 100% against Bournemouth because we had to win no matter what.’

Nice words, Hector. It’s time to walk the talk on the pitch.


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