Blood they say is thicker than water. Also to determine the paternity of a child, DNA means everything. Jack Wilshere has the Arsenal DNA. He embodies everything about Arsenal, and this sadly includes his injury record. He is a gooner through and through and loves the club even more than some fans. These facts alone shows why most Arsenal fans would love to always see him succeed at the Emirates.

It was a great sight to see him again in Arsenal colours on Monday – albeit in an U23 game. Even though he was got off, most fans are still pleased to see he still has the fire in him.

The big question however relates to his fitness. Can we rely on this obviously talented midfielder to stay fit for 6 months straight? That’s a million dollar question no one in the world can answer.

To state my personal view, I don’t think that’s possible.

With his current deal set to expire next month, is giving Jack Wilshere another year to prove his fitness too long or too short?

His injuries are truly worrying and disturbing. No doubt. But then, also true is the fact that having a player whose career began at our dear club leaves one a bit speechless and sometimes indecisive. This is the case when issues concerning Jack Wilshere comes to the fore.

Without having to dwell on his performance against Barcelona that wonderful night, Wilshere’s talent isn’t one he could hide whenever fit. He’s one of the very few ones out there who isn’t afraid to take the game to the opponent as seen last season while on loan with Bournemouth.

Also in his defence,  it’s absolutely visible for all to see the void Wilshere’s absence always leave in the heart of the team whenever he is fit.

All these things don’t just disappear overnight. It’s who he is, it is what characterizes him and it is what makes him the player he is today.

If I was a decision maker at Arsenal, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for another year. I might be whipping in a few sentiments but you don’t just discard players that way. He is one of our own, he will be a very important part of our season if we can keep him fit for a very good part of the season.

In all honesty, a year is not too long for our Number 10 to rediscover his best form. I hope he ‘steps on’ his injuries so he could reach his innate potentials.

I love Jack and I sincerely wish him an injury-free season as he plays his part in making our season a successful one.



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