Look away now, Wenger critics. The Frenchman has said the football club is not about winning trophies alone.

This might not go down well with some fans who believe this summer’s spendings should herald the start of a new era of trophy boom. The North London club have already shattered their transfer record with the signing of striker, Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon, and that might even be broken further if rumours are to be believed.

Speaking to the media in Australia, Wenger said his desire for success is still as strong as ever, but doesn’t necessarily believe a club has failed if they don’t win titles.

“We want to win trophies, but you cannot live inside a club thinking you want to win the next trophy and, if you don’t win it, you have lost.

“The club has a stronger basis than that. On a personal level, I want to win every game. When we lose a game I’m absolutely mad and sad, but it is part of being a coach.

“I’ve been lucky to have had a very long career in my job and I’m completely committed to work for Arsenal.

“To do well of course means to win the Premier League, hopefully to win the Champions League as well, but I think I have stayed at Arsenal for such a long time because for me a club is firstly about ­values, the values I hold dear.

“One is to win trophies but more important is to know who we are, and what is important to us.

“I will always try to defend what I think is important in our sport, that means the values of our game. Football is a very popular sport now all over the world and there is a big responsibility.

“I think one of the ways to face up to the responsibility is to defend the values. That is important to me.”


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