Have we ever witnessed a more tumultuous atmosphere at Arsenal football club than the one we’ve just seen in the just concluded season? I doubt it. Increase in protest  by a section of the fan-base against the longest serving manager in the history of the club, a divided fan-base (AKBs and WOBs), and a reported uproar among board members lasted longer in memory than the actual result of matches. Yes, it was that bad!

The season however ended on a high as the club claimed her 13th FA Cup win defeating League Champions – Chelsea in the process. The club also finished with higher points than the previous season, even though this is seen as an underachievement as the club missed out on the last spot for the UEFA Champions League.

Despite all these, the manager’s position is still covered with a cloud of uncertainty. Many expected an announcement after the FA Cup win, but it won’t come that easy.

During the course of the season, anti-Wenger banners and pro-Wenger banners were brandished, planes both for and against the manager were flown across stadiums. The anti-Wenger brigadiers had just one message – that the manager should leave, while the pro-Wenger brigadiers, even though were unclear of what the manager has in mind were just showing support and thanking him whether he stays or not.

During the week however, the club officially announced that an agreement has been reached to extend the manager’s contract by a further 2 years. This news no doubt caused a reaction. Some were furious, some were pleased while some were indifferent.

Now that Wenger’s future has been sorted, what is the next step? A lot of fans have engaged in the debate on whether the two years are justifiable or not. To me the deed has been done, we only have to pick ourselves up from the disappointment of the ended season and support the club.


  • We have to keep our best players. I don’t care how! We have to give them whatever they want. It’s no lie that we have tasted success lately only because we have invested. Cech, Ozil, Sanchez, Perez, Mustafi and Xhaka are part of the investments.
  • We also need to strenghten. We have been reported have signed a Bosnian defender Sead Kolasinac, and a deal for Nigerian attacker – Henry Onyekuru is said to be imminent. These however aren’t enough, the persistent injury of Santi Cazorla cost us a lot every season and that position shouldn’t be ignored while we go into the new season. Dead legs should be sold or released.
  • The role of a Director of Football was mentioned during the course of the season. I feel the club needs a director of football regardless of who the manager is. Arsenal football club needs to embrace modern day football management process. The club also needs to get the best hands heading every department of the club.

I feel the division of the fan base is temporal. Things will get back to normal ahead of next season. We all want the best for Arsenal football club and doing the proper thing will unite the fans again. I believe we have all learnt from recent mistakes. We are always the 12th man on the pitch and we should give our absolute best to carry the team.

The club also needs to start preparation for the replacement of Arsene Wenger. No one can be absolutely sure this is his last contract at the club. That said, they need to start making arrangement as he won’t be there for life. And judging by the drama of last season, the time is near.



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