David Seaman has urged Arsenal to focus more on effective football if they are to compete for silverwares.

Arsenal as a team plays one of the most beautiful football in the league, but there is the belief that when push comes to shove, they will always struggle.

Speaking to TalkSport, Seaman said players don’t care about the style of play as long as they are winning.

“As a player it’s about winning trophies,” the legendary goalkeeper said.

“It’s something that I went to Arsenal for. When I was at QPR, I was offered more money to stay at QPR than I was to sign for Arsenal, but I knew Arsenal were in with a chance of winning trophies.

“That’s why I went and when I went to Arsenal we didn’t play the most attractive football but it was effective football and it won trophies.

“Luckily when I was at Arsenal with Arsene, we played both. It’s all about winning trophies for me.”

“I do think they have to tighten it up at the back, like you said it’s been way too long since they won the league and they’ve never won the Champions League,” he added.

“To have a sustained campaign, it’s vital that you have a great goalkeeper and a great defence. That’s what Arsenal built on years and years ago.

“He (Mourinho) is building and it’s not like he’s been there a few years. He’s gone in there and he’s won three trophies last season.

“Okay they’ve not played the best football but it’s not negative football, it’s building on a defence. We did that at Arsenal for a long time and we need to get back to that.”


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