Arsene Wenger was the subject of a series of protest last season, with a section of the fanbase calling for him to leave. Banners were displayed, planes were hired and it looked like it was going to happen sometimes in the season. However, as of today, the man who holds all the aces – Stan Kroenke begs to differ.

Now that the manager, Arsene Wenger has signed a new contract with the club, I attempt take a look at what he must do to improve the club next season.

Tie down Ozil and Sanchez to a new contract

These two are arguably the most important players in the club. They are world class player who both have a year left on their current deals. These two are vital if Arsenal are going to mount a serious title challenge next season. With no Champions League football next season, Arsenal must do whatever it takes to ensure both players remain at the Emirates. This involves breaking whatever wage structure the club has at the moment.

If they both leave, next season is as good as over.

Clear out dead woods

Arsene Wenger is known to be loyal to his players. This is a good quality in all honesty, but at this point in his career, all he should care about is winning. Now is not the time to keep faith with players who will let him down. Debuchy, Jenkinson, Sanogo and other fringe players should be shown the exit door so quality players can come in.

Signing a central midfielder a priority

We have suffered a lot in the last two seasons due to Santi Cazorla’s injury. Now is the time to move forward. In my opinion, we would have walked the league in those two seasons if he hadn’t got injured. Before Cazorla’s injury last season, we were doing well. Our season went sideways when he got injured.

Jack Wilshere, who is supposed to be a natural replacement for him is also injury prone. Wenger cannot simply afford to wait on them anymore.

Wenger also needs to get the pairing right. Towards the end of the season, the Xhaka – Ramsey combination in the centre of the pack worked so well. Earlier in the season, it was Cazorla and Coquelin. At a time it was Xhaka – Elneny, Coquelin – Elneny. The truth is we have options in that area but with Arsenal, injury can set in at any time. This is why we need at least one new signing in that area.

Change tactics to suit teams

In this regard, Wenger has shown willingness to change. In all fairness, no one would have expected him to switch to a 3-4-3 formation when the season was going south. However, he needs to be willing to do that often. Against Arsenal, teams will always pack the bus, so we should be willing to change approach to deal with stubborn teams like that.

We have suffered against top teams too recently. And even though we have changed our approach against them in recent years, we need to know when to sit deep and not go gung-ho.

Also, Arsene Wenger need to show he is really capable of change in the transfer market. We need to bring in players early so they can settle on time. When players are not performing, he should know when to bench them and not wait for them to play back into form. Arsenal fans cannot wait for that any longer.

Then, I also think he needs to bring in some ex-players to work with the younger ones. Our academy has not really produced great players recently. It’s time we changed that.

I believe Arsene Wenger will be fired up for this next stage of his Arsenal adventure, and if he can do what I have listed so far, it would be a successful one.



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