Reports as to the main reason Alexis Sanchez was dropped for the Liverpool game emanated yesterday and it doesn’t make for good reading.

The Chilean was alleged to have walked out of training and was said to have being involved in a row with the other players when they came in to find him in the changing room afterwards. This informed Wenger’s decision to drop him on Saturday.

On this, I must say I stand with Wenger 100%. What’s shocking is that some fans disagree!

We’ve heard lines bordering on the fact that Alexis is a ‘winner’, he is ‘hungry’, he is the ‘only passionate’ player in the squad etc. That is total bullshit and an insult to the rest of the team.

If not for the calibre of players he had at Barcelona, would he have won anything before joining Arsenal? How many international honours does he have to his name?

There should be a line between hunger and indiscipline.

It is true results are not going the team’s way at the moment but Alexis is as culpable as the rest of the team. To throw the line that he deserves better is nonsense. If you are angry at the direction the team is heading, there are better ways to show it.

To walk out of training, apart from the fact that it is an insult to your fellow professionals, is a total slap on the face of the manager who is known to always defend his players regardless of how wrong they are.

Would Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho have tolerated that kind of attitude? 100% no. Would the fans defending Sanchez have done so if either of Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil or Olivier Giroud is the culprit in this case? 100% no.

The fact that some took the decision to defend Sanchez’s lack of professionalism tells us how rotten some of us are as humans. The folks defending Sanchez’s attitude will be the first to castigate an office colleague who walks out of a team meeting. Hypocrites!

I work in a fast-paced organization and no-one dare walks out of a team-meeting regardless of how important you think you are. That’s automatic dismissal.

I am of the opinion Alexis Sanchez should never put on the Arsenal shirt again until he apologizes to his teammates and the manager. It’s that serious.

Sanchez was never the major figure at Barcelona. Even the likes of Pedro and Christian Tello sometimes start ahead of him when he was there. So who the hell does he think he is throwing tantrums.

He is no Messi. He is no Suarez and he is no Thierry Henry. Is he a good player? Yes. Is he hungry? Yes. But he needs to watch it.

Wenger has been accused of not being tough on players and now that he’s actually taken a decision, so many are bashing him. Double standard. Eh?

It is okay for you to want the manager out because of tactics, team results and the likes but if you support Alexis Sanchez behaviour in this case, take a look at yourself!


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