Hardly will a day go by with the future of manager, Arsene Wenger not put up for discussion in the media. If journalists are not talking about it, ex-players are. Fans are not left behind also.

The discussion about the Frenchman’s future will always reach a crescendo each year whenever his team is on a bad patch, only for everything to die a natural death as time goes on.

We have reached one of such periods as ex-Arsenal player, Ian Wright claims Wenger’s body language suggested he’s had enough and might walk away when the season ends.

The Frenchman has been the subject of abuse from fans both in the stadium and on social media and it is believed the insults he receives daily are getting to him.

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Speaking on BBC 5 Live, Wright said, “I was with the boss and if I’m being totally honest. I was with him for a few hours, I genuinely believe but I get the impression looking at him… that’s it.

“He actually mentioned in talking last night that he’s coming to the end. I’ve never heard him say that. He’s a wonderful man. He looks tired.

“But he looks winded, like someone who has whacked him in the stomach. I know someone will ask me: ‘do you think he will go at the end of the season?’ I think he will.”

If Wenger does leave at the end of the season, which is looking likelier as the day goes by, he will be the last breed of his generation. It will be painful to see him leave, and more painful will be the fact that he was forced out of the club by the very fans he dedicated his life to.


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