Arsene Wenger is a bad tactician. He is not as good as Harry Redknapp. That is the submission of one of his former players, Paul Merson.

Arsenal were thrashed 5 – 1 in the first leg of their Champions League Round-of-16 tie against Bayern Munich.The manner of the result angered everyone associated with the club, and guess who is to blame, Arsene.

Speaking to Talksport, Merson opined that having played under both Wenger and Redknapp, he can conclude that Arsene is not as smart as people think he is.

‘I don’t think tactically he [Wenger] is as great as people say,’ Merson said.

‘I played under Harry Redknapp and people go, ‘Oh, Harry Redknapp, a wheeler and dealer’, and that is so disrespectful.

‘That man was much better tactically than Arsene Wenger.

‘I played under Arsene Wenger for just under a year and I played for Harry for a year – Harry was much better tactically.’

Merson’s comments is a typical example of the saying that “When you’re grounded by a big challenge, small ones also come to the party.”

It’s easy to make comments when you are in the comfort of a studio, but then capitulate when you are thrown in the thick of the action.



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