Paul Merson is an idiot! And everyday, he takes his idiocy level to a new height. The Skysports pundit will say stuffs about Arsenal that would make you wonder if he was ever in their payroll. Stuffs like attacking the manager, the players, fans etc.

His recent comment is even more laughable as he claimed only Alexis Sanchez would make it into the Spurs first XI. Speaking on Skysports, the former Arsenal player said he doesn’t know where we will be without the Chilean.

“[Without Alexis Sanchez], I don’t know where they would be,” he said.

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“He’s their one player. I was talking to someone the other day and I said that if you put Tottenham’s best 11 that they can get on the football pitch and put Arsenal best 11 next to it, Sanchez is the only player that gets in [to Spurs’ team].

“If you go through the team, I just don’t see who else gets in – that can’t be right.

Really, Merson?

Apparently, Alexis Sanchez is the only player at Arsenal that can play all positions according to Paulo. Where was Merson when the team was playing so fine? And how many decisive points has his so called Alexis Sanchez won for Arsenal this season?

Claiming only a player is good enough in a team of over 20 players is absurd and unfair on the other players, but will Merson really know that? I don’t know because I don’t think he was good enough during his playing days.

Will he make this current Arsenal team? I don’t know too.


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