Arsene Wenger’s ability to turn average players into world beaters have not gone unnoticed by folks from the football world. His former and current players are all testimonies of the Frenchman’s golden touch.

One of his players who have echoed that sentiment is centre back, Laurent Koscielny, who has said his manager does not only develop football players, but that he also helps build men.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Koscielny said, “You may say that we haven’t won the title for a long time, but he has not just built players, he’s built men too.”

“Every player who has played for Arsenal has grown here and has become a man. It’s a big number. For me and the others, it’s a good opportunity to be with him and learn from him.

“He’s passionate about football. He loves football and he loves to watch his team play well with the ball. That’s why he’s here again after 20 years.

“Along with a lot of people, he’s helped this club grow with a new stadium, a new training ground, and he built the platform for us to compete for the Premier League and Champions League every year.”

It’s not surprising Koscielny thinks so highly of his manager as he was the one who brought him from the obscurity of the French League and established him as on the the finest centre backs in the world.



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