Arsene Wenger has once again defended Mesut Ozil over the recent criticisms that has tailed the German in recent weeks.

Ozil, in all honesty was great for Arsenal in the beginning of the season. However, back-to-back defeats against Everton and Manchester City has left many wondering why the player ‘disappears’ from games.

His manager has however had his say on the issue and even warns other Premier League teams the player would be back to his best in the coming months.

‘He is of course a huge player and I’ve always defended him here in press conferences.

‘He’s improved his commitment and physically he works harder than people think he does.

‘Personally, I think he creates more chances for himself than ever before because he runs behind.’

‘I think there still a gap with his goals in training and games and I’m convinced his finishing will go up in the coming months,’ he added.

‘He works hard. He had one or two games this season where he was frustrated – the one that comes to mind was the Manchester City game where he was criticised.

‘If you look at his contribution overall this season, it’s been fantastic.’

While Ozil has been off-form in recent weeks, it will be unfair to place the failings of the team on him. What is however refreshing is that his manager believes in him.

That should give him a whole lot of confidence.


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