Arsenal could have had first hand information about the danger posed by Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford before the game at Old Trafford last season if only Arsene Wenger had asked his former player – Martin Keown. Unfortunately for us, he didn’t ask and we lost the game with the young forward starring in that defeat.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Keown said he would have tipped off his former boss if he had rung him up as he had watched the player a week earlier when he played against his son

“I wish [Arsene] Wenger would have rang me actually because I watched him play against Reading, as my son was playing for the Under-21s,” Keown said.

“My son was up against him and we spoke afterwards and talked about his movement, this kid, Rashford – his economy of movement, he’s clever in the box, if he couldn’t get beyond you and the space wasn’t there, he’d come off to feet to receive it.

“He’s very intelligent when he plays down the middle; that’s very rare for young players and there’s a composure about him.

“I could have told Wenger all of that before he went and did well at Old Trafford. It was no surprise to me at all, he is a great talent.”

With Zlatan set to miss out of today’s game due to injury, Rashford could be handed a starting role down the middle and Keown has handed a warning to Arsenal on what he could use against them.

“He’s an oddity because Mourinho, I think he’s the first teenager to score a Premier League goal for Mourinho.

“He has a great talent here, and I hope he embraces that and I hope he gives him that role (centre-forward) in the team because he’ll take it.

“And Arsenal need to be careful, they play the high line, he’ll test that line, because his intelligent running will really test Arsenal.”


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