Hello folks, I have been away for quite awhile , I am back and hopefully to serve you better. Let’s get back to business. Arsenal hosted Bournemouth in Match Week 13. It was a must win for them, considering the fact that fellow contenders won, and the good thing is after series of draws, they won.

Who would you pair in the middle ?

Aside our regular pairing of Cazorla and Coquelin, I believe half Arsenal fans are as confused as Arsene Wenger. Before the game, Wenger had experimented with various partnership that could at least attempt to replace the Coq-Zorla partnership, we have seen Xhaka-Coquelin partnership (not impressive), Elneny-Coquelin partnership (also not impressive), and some other pairings but none was as effective as the Cazorla-Coquelin partnership. Wenger opted for the Xhaka-Elneny in this game and to me it was better than other tested pairing. Although I think the opponent could be a factor also, what pairing will you prefer leaving Cazorla out? Send me your comment below.

Giroud Vs Sanchez

Some might think this shouldn’t be a question, well maybe , maybe not. Over the start of the season, we have seen Sanchez take the forward role, with Giroud settling for a place in the bench. Personally I feel both players offer different qualities to our game, a lot of fans argue we are not playing to the strengths of Giroud, but so far this season I don’t think Giroud will get a lot of starts considering the quality Sanchez offers up front. In this game we saw an hungry and aggressive Sanchez who carried the team on both shoulders. Left to me he is our top man. We need good players on the bench who can come in and have an impact, so Giroud is still needed.

Right Back Crisis

I have always hoped and prayed Bellerin doesn’t get injured. Looking at the style of our game, the impact of full-backs shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s also glaring that our attack has suffered on the right wing since Bellerin’s injury. Jenkinson isn’t a good enough cover, Debuchy was doing fine in the game until he got injured. Some are of the opinion that moving Skhodran Mustafi to RB will pay off, but I wouldn’t even separate a working center backs if I were the manager. Gabby had a decent game in the 2nd half after finding the first half too tough at that position. We only hope Bellerin gets over his injury very very fast.

Iwobi or Ox?

This game offered Ox the chance to show he could compete with Iwobi for a chance in the starting 11. He wasn’t sharp, lacked a bit of the directness we’ve known him for. He was below average in the game. Iwobi needs to get back to his best, although I think he needs a breather and deserves the rest he is getting. Good thing though is that Perez is back, hope to see him in the EFL against Southampton on Wednesday.

The Gunners return to action later tonight and I hope to be with you tomorrow to discuss about the talking points of the game.

Until then, Come on You Gunners!


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