Football is all about rivalry. And that’s why we love the game. The game won’t be as loved as it is today if not for these rivalries. The same way we have rivalries between clubs, so also rivalries exist between managers. In fact, as a manager, you can’t run away from them. These rivalries make all parties involved up their games so they can have the bragging rights. These rivalries, though sometimes tensed, makes the parties involved respect one another.

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has been involved in these rivalriesin his ‘short’ time at Arsenal. His rivalry with Sir Alex Ferguson defined English football at the turn of the millennium, and it was ruddy great. His rivalries with then Bolton boss, Sam Allardyce and West Brom manager are well documented. The list goes on and on but never has/did this gone beyond footballing terms.

But with Jose Mourinho, things are definitely not the same. This rivalry could turn physical. Or as revealed in the book ‘Jose Mourinho: Up Close and Personal’, how can you explain a man threatening to break another man’s face on the street for sharing his opinion?

To say Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho don’t like each other is an understatement! The war of words between both managers tell the story, but, to think Jose Mourinho would take it as far as getting physical is disgraceful. The rivalry between Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson was so intense but respectful, and I for one don’t think either would want to go through the physical route. What for?

Arsene Wenger has been at the fore of tongue-lashings by Jose Mourinho. He’d been called a voyeur, a specialist-in-failure, a man with no achievement and all sorts by this cretin but still maintains his class. When asked about Mourinho’s threat to break his face in his pre-Chelsea press conference, he simply allowed his classy nature override whatever anger he might be feeling at that point. That’s the kind of person he is. And that’s why many people look up to him as a mentor or role model.

Let’s call a spade a spade, Jose Mourinho is jealous of Arsene Wenger. He is obsessed with Wenger. He sees him in his dreams, in the showers, on the road, everywhere. He simply can’t hide his hatred for him.

Could his hatred of Arsene Wenger be as a result of the fact that Arsene Wenger is being held high by everyone everywhere despite the lack of trophies in recent years? Could it be because Arsene Wenger’s team has never flirted with relegation? Could it be because Wenger has achieved more success with a relatively low budget than he will ever dream of? Could it be because Arsene Wenger seems to be knowledgeable about everything? Or is it as a result of his calmness in the face of intense opposition? We will never know!

Mourinho is being celebrated by everyone for his ‘tactical nous’ but outside that is a devil waiting to be unleashed. Such an individual shouldn’t be anywhere near football. Football is watched on a weekly basis by millions of people. The internet has even made it easier for us to be closer to football.

Imagine a 7-year old boy waking up to the news that the manager he revered has threatened to break a man’s face. Imagine what that’d do to the boy. He might just go about breaking people’s faces because someone he holds in high esteem said that. Mourinho is a 53-year old man with the behaviour of a 13-year old. Some 13-year old are even better behaved!

This latest episode underlines the fact that he is totally classless and basically sum him up as a rather obscene individual. This confirms that the hatred he has for Wenger is not because of football, it is personal.

Wenger might have a chapter in Mourinho’s book, but I doubt Mourinho would even make a footnote in Wenger’s, if he ever decides to write one. That shows how refined Wenger is.

Jose Mourinho might have more trophies in 15 years than Arsene Wenger has in his entire career, he might be a better manager tactically than Arsene will ever be [I for one don’t agree with that], but his unrefined, uncouth and manner-less nature will make me choose a lifetime without a trophy with Arsene Wenger than stay a year full of trophies with him. Even if I’m paid to do so!

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