It’s the first game of the season and we’ve lost. The meltdown started so early this time. The WOBs are out in full force as they’ve always been. The difference this time is – Arsene, I believe THEY ARE RIGHT!

As a staunch Wenger supporter, I am finding it hard to defend some of his decisions lately. Right from the moment the team list was released, it was obvious we were going to have a torrid time. The decision to start the inexperienced duo of Calum Chambers and Rob Holding was suspect. Fans, me included, were of the opinion either of Monreal/Debuchy will play alongside Chambers/Holding.

There is no doubt both players alongside Bielik are the future of Arsenal’s defence but throwing them at the deep end of the river in such an important game like this is a poor decision from the manager.

Chambers and Holding both looked decent in the first half of the game when Arsenal had more possession. In the second half however, they folded under pressure which is where their inexperience was laid bare.

Another howler by the manager was the decision not to start Santi Cazorla. From the pre-season game against Manchester City, it was obvious Ramsey isn’t ready yet. I’m of the opinion that even if you would play Ramsey, he’d be better off coming on in the second half.

To make matters worse, the same Ramsey got injured and was replaced with the player that should have started ahead of him.

I understand his decision to give Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny an extended break after their Euros exploits but you shouldn’t be gambling in such a big game. I classify his decisions today as a gamble and that isn’t fair on the paying fans.

Arsene Wenger is a manager I love so much. His passion for the game and this club can not be replicated by any manager that comes after him [except that manager is Henry or Wilshere]. I still believe this season will turn out good as we will get a reaction from the players in the game against Leicester City but he needs to improve on his decision making. The gamble he took today cost us three points as we made Liverpool looked like Barcelona.

I have no doubt Arsene Wenger can lead Arsenal to another title but with regards to the bashings he had been getting from WOBs, I AM AFRAID THEY ARE WELL DESERVED!


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