The obvious song on the lips of all associated with a great family is “How long is so long?“. A club once known for her united fan base all around the world, has surely been divided across various demands.

Does our club care about what’s really happening on the pitch of play? Why is it so difficult for us to get our businesses done and dusted? Why do we wait this long before we can string up a team that can compete for major honors? Does Arsene really remember how great he was? Or is the fans’ dismay for their greatest ever manager solely based on trophies?

All these are various questions cutting across hearts of Gooners around the globe. Why are transfers delayed this long and making us look like a team without ambitions? I surely hope they pull one big rat out of the hatch, but if I must be honest with myself, I don’t see that happening. I love to be surprised though. And if it does happen, what a pleasant surprise it will be

I am pretty sure not even the great Arsene Wenger would want to see a happy home go down the way it’s been highlighted around the Gunnersphere.

Do something, Arsene. Do something, Gazidis. I don’t know how much break my heart could take!


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