Arsenal majority shareholder – Stan Kroenke has woken up from his deep slumber and has said football is not fun when there is no victory. 

Discussing another of his sports properties, Los Angeles Rams’ move to California from St. Louis, he made it clear that he wants to see his teams succeed both financially and on the field. [Note: Financially came first]

“I’ve always loved sports and you have to make it make sense financially. But you learn over the years that it’s no fun if you don’t win, he told Variety and Sports Illustrated.

“When you look at where we are focused as a league, Rams are playing the Giants in London this season, Arsenal is playing over here and the NBA is playing games in London,” Kroenke said. “The upshot is that sports is so global, and within the last few years, and that’s where I think people are focusing for growth.”

Kroenke who bought his first stake in Arsenal in 2007 has been a subject of protest from fans who believe he only cares about money and doesn’t care whether the club wins or not. The club having won just two FA Cups in the nine years since he joined but he remains a firm supporter of manager Arsene Wenger, whose team will travel to California this preseason for two games.

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