It’s no longer news that we have triggered Jamie Vardy’s release clause. It’s no longer news that the club had hope to complete the deal before the player left for France. And it’s also no longer news that he said he’d only make a decision after the Euros (which we estimated to be after 2 weeks).

There have been news filtering in recently that he might end up staying at Leicester. If Arsenal does end up signing Vardy, would I be excited? Would I be pleased? Not really. Although, I wouldn’t mind having him at Arsenal, Vardy is not as good as he’s been made to believe. Yeah, I know he scored 24 goals last season in a title -winning campaign for Leicester but is he the kind of player we should be looking at? I don’t think so.

The fact that there are different views about the players says much about the whole transfer. Former Arsenal player, Paul Merson yesterday claimed to be surprised we are even looking at Jamie Vardy. I tend to lean towards that sentiment! There are far better players out there we could go after other than this 29 year old who might as well be a one-season wonder.

The fact that it’s even taking long for Vardy to commit shows he’s not even sure if he’d be a right fit for us. I agree too. Arsenal as a team dominate possession and have opposing teams pack all 10 players behind the ball. Leicester City on the other hand are on the defensive most of the time; they wait for their moment to catch the other team on the counter. Vardy thrived on that last season and I don’t see Arsene changing his philosophy for that style of play.

Olivier Giroud might not be everyone’s first name for a quality striker, I can assure you Jamie Vardy also isn’t. Vardy isn’t coming to Arsenal to take Oli’s place, he is only going to complement his effort. Arsenal and Arsene shouldn’t be the one dancing to Vardy’s tune. Give the guy an ultimatum to decide and if he fails to meet that ultimatum, shove your hand up his arse and tell him, ‘Go to hell’. We are too much of a big club to be dictated to by Vardy. It’s not like he’s in the class of Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, RvP (sadly), Lewandowski, Aubameyang and even Benzema. So who the hell does he think he is?

If a team that has Ozil, Alexis and Cazorla and a manager like Arsene Wenger doesn’t fill you with excitement, only God knows what else will. (Probably a team with Ander Herrera and Schneiderlin and a Maureen as their manager, maybe).

We are too good to be held to ransome by Jamie who might as well be using us to negotiate a better deal with Leicester. Arsenal should be able to attract nearly anyone. Ask Ozil, Alexis, Cech or Granit Xhaka. They all say the same thing. If we can attract these players, we can attract anybody. There is an impressive beauty attached to a club like Arsenal. That cannot be dictated by Jamie Vardy. He’s not just worth it!

We need a striker? Yes. To quote Josh Sippie of Pain in the Arsenal, we ‘don’t necessarily need a gangbusting striker that will change life in North London and make us look like the Invincibles. All we need is a striker that can compliment what we already have‘ and sadly Jamie Vardy isn’t that kind of striker.

So let’s move on!


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