Germany – Ukraine on paper was a game the Germans should kill off even without kicking the ball and that is no disrespect to the Ukrainians. I would have predicted a comfortable win, and by that I meant three to four goals. Here are the few things I noted from the game and I share them below.

High Attacking Line

The German team started the game with a high attack line, almost seems they were going to play the game from the middle of the pitch forever. It was a risky strategy because high concentration was needed to accomplish the task of a high attacking line game. This weakened as the game progressed as Ukraine found a way out by using long balls, before they became comfortable into the game.

Inter changing

Another noticeable thing in the German team is the mobility for the attackers. Goetze, Muller and Ozil. Draxler was permanently active on the left side of attack. But the attackers combined well with khedira who joined the attacking force from the center.

Diagonal Play

Germany used the fact that the Ukrainian fullbacks are not not too sharp to their advantage.  They switched wings with diagonal passes. using the wings stretched the Ukrainians. One would want to think the Germans knew the Ukrainians had not too experienced full backs

Man of the match

My man of the match was Toni Kroos, he showed how much quality he possesses and controlled the game in the middle perfectly. Making 104 completed passes, surpassing new arsenal signing Granit Xhaka’s 102 passes against Albania. He seemed the best set piece taker for the Germans.


Ozil was almost silent all through the game, seemed he wasn’t comfortable playing out wide on he right, but he was a danger man still, making intelligent moves and good passing, surprisingly he wasn’t involved in any set piece, I really don’t understand why, maybe it was a plot to look unpredictable to the Ukrainians. However Ozil came alive in the game making an assist for the German’s second goal – a pass the commentator described as a GOLDEN PASS.

Watch the assist below:



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