England – Russia provided us an example of what a football match should not look like. What a boring match from what start to end! The game ended a draw with the Russians rescuing the game on however and here are the 5 things I learnt from the game:

1. England’s Profligacy Would Cost Them Dearly: England’s Adam Lallana and Raheem Sterling wasted three chances in the first half to give their team the lead. Against a better side, they would have been 5. Roy Hodgson is nickingpunished real time for their profligacy. Russia shouldn’t have gotten a draw if they had converted their chances

2. Harry Kane For Corner Kick? Really?: How can you have players like Lallana, Alli and even Sterling on th pitch and your main striker is the corner kick taker? This decision is baffling and what informed this decision is beyond me.

3. Sterling is Overrated: Manchester City paid £40m for Sterling? Only a wasteful club can do that. Sterling did nothing all through the game except run, run and run again. And for Sterling to be the best attacker for England on the night tells you more about the team. Apart from Wilshere, the rest of the team are overrated lots.

4. Russia didn’t offer much: Yes, they nickeda goal at the death but truth e told, Russia did not deserve a point from this game. They just didn’t get going.  For all the talks about Dzyuba going into the game, the lad didn’t get the required service and if England – Russia are going to go far in this competition, they need to do better than the crap they displayed today.

5. Hodgson is nicking a living: How Roy Hodgson still has a job is beyond me! How can you leave your only proper midfielder on the bench? It was obvious the game needed the spark Jack Wilshere had to offer, yet, Hodgson in his wisdom kept him on the bench till late in the game. The football served today by England was unpurposeful and this was down to the manager. The result serves them right!


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